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Why Choose Zero Valent Iron Powder?

Zero valent iron (ZVI) powders are inert metallic iron shavings capable of treating chlorinated solvents abiotically, avoiding the production of harmful daughter products (DCE and VC). The use of ZVI as an in situ chemical reductant has become increasingly popular with the advancement of application processes. With smaller particle sizes and increased sophistication of injection equipment, zero valent iron powder is commonly injected in source areas and hard to reach areas where a typical permeable reactive barrier (PRB) is not feasible.

Benefits of Using Zero Valent Iron Powder (ZVI):

  • Cost-effective – ZVI provides the most value in consideration of reactivity and longevity in comparison to chemical oxidants
  • Safe – does not contain harmful chemicals and are safer to handle when compared to chemical oxidants
  • Long-term treatment (3-15 years longevity) – zero valent iron powder provides a long term treatment solution
  • Sustainable/recycled/green – Hepure’s ZVI is recycled iron cuttings from production facilities which may be otherwise disposed at a landfill
  • Destroys contaminants with no toxic end products or by-products – ZVI is a biotic reaction which destroys the contaminate with no intermediation by products such as dichloroethane and vinyl chloride
  • Synergistic with bioremediation treatments – conditions the aquifer for ongoing bioremediation without providing potential bio-toxic chemicals or unfavorable aquifer conditions such as pH
  • Not impacted by Soil Oxidant Demand (SOD) – does not react with the soil so all reactivity can be directed to the contaminant

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