Ferox PRB

better reactivity, greater surface area, optimal results

Made with barrier applications in mind.  Ferox PRB has a larger particle size than Ferox Flow and is ideal for providing effective reactivity with a treatment life over 10 years. The larger particle size will remain within the barrier with no diffusion or settling.  

Ferox PRB ZVI Iron Powder

Hepure’s Ferox PRB reactive iron powder was exclusively designed for groundwater and soil remediation. Ferox PRB has uniform density and mesh size while being free of rust, dust, and potentially harmful lubricating oils. The result is simple: better reactivity. This provides a more effective and efficient remediation solution. And to you that means success for your client. Our zero valent iron is extremely pure and, from the selection of raw materials, to the manufacturing through packaging, all processes satisfy demanding product standards. Quality assurance testing is performed at every stage of production so product consistency is maintained.

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Contaminants Treated Grain Size ReactivityBulk DensityPackaging
Halogenated aliphatics (PCE, TCE, TCA)
Halogenated Aromatics
Mesh: -8/+50Rate Constant – see figure below2.92 g/cm3Drums/Buckets – 50 kg or 100 kg
Halogenated herbicides
Micron: 297 Surface Area – 2.09 m2/g 182 lb/ft3Super Sacks – 500 – 1000 kg


Ferox PRB can be placed in the bottom of an excavation, placed with a filler (typically sand) in a trench, mixed with an excavator, auger, or rotary drum.

Product Performance:

Ferox PRB’s uniform bulk characteristics provide exceptional cost-effective performance. The substantial number of catalytic sites on the powder surface ensures superior reactivity and generally supports lower ZVI loading requirements in comparison to other ZVI materials Cast Iron Powder (CAS # 7439-89-6). Figure 1 shows a comparison of several ZVI iron powder ability to degrade Trichoroethylene (TCE).

Ferox PRB reduced the TCE by 82% in 5 days. Competitor P and C reduced the TCE by 65% and 36%, respectively.


Ferox PRB barriers are an ideal application to prevent migration of contaminates off-site during assessment and remediation of the source area. The long term benefits can be very large by early prevention and/or elimination of off-site plumes. Barriers have the potential to reduce off-site assessment and remediation requirements.

Newer remedial designs combine EVO within the barrier. Ferox PRB will condition the aquifer (eliminate dissolved oxygen, and provide a reductive environment) to allow down gradient bio-treatment to proceed in conjunction with ZVI abiotic treatment within the barrier. This allows for one solution to target typical low ppb regulatory requirements.

Ferox PRB can be combined with Ferox Flow to provide additional reactivity for high initial concentrations while maintaining a longer reactivity time period.

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