Ferox Zero Valent Iron Powders

Hepure’s family of Ferox zero valent iron powders are designed specifically for groundwater and soil remediation.

Chemical Oxidants

Remediation-grade sodium and potassium permanganate for in situ remediation projects which require chemical oxidation.

Site-Ready Solutions

Hepure’s chemical oxidation and biological amendments are all available as pre-mixed solutions. This greatly simplifies an important task required for on-site injection.

Ferox Plus Emulsified ZVI

Ferox Plus eZVI provides a biological reductive dechlorination solution capable of DNAPL source destruction.

Emulsified Vegetable Oil

Hepure has the experience to determine the best bioremediation and bioaugmentation approaches based on your specific site characteristics.

Additional Remediation Chemicals

Hydrogen Peroxide, Calcium Peroxide, Calcium Polysulfide NaT3, Sodium Hydroxide, Ferric Sulfate, SOCORE