Biological Fouling of Irrigation Lines and Pipe Systems (click here for recording)


Presented by Dr. Timothy S. Wood, Senior Scientist, Bryo Technologies LLC

Date: March 18, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern – 10:00 AM Pacific

Water systems can be inundated with biological organisms resulting in clogged filters, dirty retention tanks, partially filled pipe systems, and clogged sprinkler heads. The result is higher maintenance cost to clean filters, higher pumping cost due to increased pressure requirement and uneven water distribution. The problem is especially acute when using reclaimed water from wastewater treatment plants which may be loaded with nutrients. The most common biofouling species include bryozoans, hydroids, snails, peritrichs, and even freshwater sponges. Effective treatment requires accurate species identification, proper timing, irrigation infrastructure, water chemistry, and other factors. 


Dr. Tim Wood is a scientist specializing in the biology of freshwater bryozoans. His research spans five continents, including more than 80 publications and the description of 23 new species. As Senior Scientist at Bryo Technologies he has initiated creative approaches to resolving difficult biofouling issues in irrigation and industrial water handling systems. The methods promoted by the company are simple, cost effective, ecologically sound, and customized to individual clients.