At Hepure, we understand that not all groundwater and soil remediation sites are the same — and neither are the solutions. We are committed to helping you design the best approach for your specific project needs with our results-driven process of developing client project solutions.


Our goal is to help you determine the right remediation product with the correct approach for your contaminants, even if it means our remediation product is not the one selected. Why? Because we are committed to your long-term success. We don’t strive to sell products alone: we work to develop successful client relationships.

Our product line represents “best-in-class” options for a wide variety of contaminants under all typical site-specific conditions. These products provide reductive (ISCR) as well as oxidative (ISCO) chemistries. We have biological remediation solutions that work well as stand-alone remedial options, and can also be combined with chemical approaches. Finally, all of Hepure’s products are available in site-ready format.

Among our additional remediation chemicals, you’ll find that Hepure supplies the highest quality sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, calcium polysulfide, ferrous sulfate, calcium peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and more.

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Ferox Zero Valent Iron Powders

Hepure’s family of zero valent iron powders are designed specifically for groundwater and soil remediation.

We understand that different site conditions require different remediation approaches, which is why each of our Ferox ZVI products have been tailored to fit the requirements for even the most complex groundwater and soil remediation projects.

Chemical Oxidants

Hepure is the industry’s leading provider of sodium and potassium permanganate for in situ groundwater and soil remediation projects which require chemical oxidation. In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) with sodium and potassium permanganate is a safe, cost-effective and rapid remediation technology for the treatment of VOCs (e.g. PCE, TCE, DCE VC etc.) in groundwater, soils and sediments.

Additional Remediation Chemicals

Hydrogen Peroxide, Calcium Peroxide, Calcium Polysulfide NaT3, Sodium Hydroxide, Ferric Sulfate, SOCORE

Ferox Plus Emulsified ZVI

Ferox Plus emulsified zero valent iron (eZVI) combines Ferox ZVI with emulsified vegetable oil, vitamins, and nutrients in a site-ready formulation. Ferox Plus is designed to stimulate both chemical reduction and anaerobic biological reductive pathways in a long-lasting and easily distributable format.


Hepure has the experience to determine the best bioremediation and bioaugmentation approaches for groundwater and soil remediation based on your specific site characteristics. Our bioremediation and bioaugmentation solutions can seamlessly take the remediation transition from chemical to biological.

Site-Ready Solutions

Hepure’s chemical oxidation and biological amendments are all available as pre-mixed solutions, eliminating many on-site mixing issues. Our site-ready solutions for your groundwater and soil remediation projects are available nationwide and are a cost-effective and safe alternative to on-site mixing.