Calcium Peroxide (CaO2)

Hepure is a calcium peroxide supplier to customers in the US and around the world.    Calcium Peroxide is a bioremediation product used to supplement oxygen for microbial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons. 


Calcium Polysulfide (CaS5) Remotox

Hepure is a premier calcium polysulfide supplier.  Our remotox is used around the world routinely for remediation of excavation sites.

Remotox is a water-soluble compound that has been shown to be a cost effective for in-situ stabilization of metals.  The common name for Remotox is calcium polysulfide, (CaS5) with a molecular weight of 199.8 gram per mole.  Remotox has a pH of 11 to 11.5, a specific gravity of 1.27 and is deep orange-red color in solution. It is water soluble and comes as 29% (Wt. % CaS5) aqueous solution.


Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4·xH2O)

Hepure is a premier ferrous sulfate supplier.  Ferrous Iron(II) sulfate or ferrous sulfate denotes a range of salts with the formula FeSO4·xH2O. Hepure provides ferrous sulfate in 50 pound bags.


Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

Hepure is the premier supplier of remediation-grade sodium hydroxide for in-situ chemical oxidation and enhanced bioremediation.


Sodium Lactate (C3H5NaO3)

Hepure is a premier sodium lactate supplier.  Our sodium lactate is distributed as a 60 percent solution in 605 pound drums (55 gallons) and 3025 pound totes (275 gallons).



Additional Remediation Chemicals, including Hydrogen Peroxide, Calcium Peroxide, Calcium Polysulfide NaT3, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Ferric Sulfate, Persulfate, ECH and SOCORE