Pure-Ox is an in-situ chemical oxidation technology (ISCO) formulated to address NAPL, vadose zone and groundwater contamination. The clean formulation is free of metals and other minerals which would remain after treatment. The low cost of Pure-Ox makes multiple applications possible, when necessary.


Sodium Permanganate Hepure

Sodium Permanganate (NaMn04)

Sodium permanganate (NaMnO4) is a liquid chemical oxidant that is used to treat chlorinated solvents that contaminate soil and groundwater.


Hepure provides remediation-grade chemical oxidants for ISCO and ISCR projects. Sodium permanganate (NaMnO4) and potassium permanganate (KMnO4) are chemical oxidants that are used to treat chlorinated solvents which contaminate soil and groundwater.

Permanganate is commercially available in both potassium and sodium salts. Permanganate (MnO4-) is the active ingredient of both forms of the chemical, and thus has all the benefits of permanganates listed below. Contact us now and our product specialists will help guide you through the process of determining whether potassium permanganate or sodium permanganate chemical oxidation is right for your site remediation.

In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) with sodium and potassium permanganate is a safe, cost-effective and rapid remediation technology for the treatment of VOCs (e.g. PCE, TCE, DCE VC etc.) in groundwater, soils and sediments.


  • Rapid degradation
  • Persistence
  • No activation needed
  • No heat production
  • Active over wide pH range
  • Easy to trace
  • NSF® approved

Why Choose Hepure's Sodium and Potassium Permanganate

 Test Results (mg/kg) 60664 & 60945
Test Results (mg/kg) 77948
Detection Limit (mg/kg)Testing Method
Arsenic (As)NDND0.098GLI Procedure ME-30
Chromium (Cr) Procedure ME-30
Mercury (Hg)NDND0.0094GLI Procedure E80-3
Lead (Pb)NDND0.10

Quality matters – and the quality of the amendments used in your site remediation efforts are of particular importance. What gets put in the ground can remain in the ground. That is why we regularly test all of our products to identify trace metals that could be harmful to your groundwater chemistry and why we offer only the purest chemical oxidants available for in situ remediation. Independent laboratory tests consistently show that Hepure’s sodium and potassium permanganate are the purest products available on the market for groundwater and soil remediation.Analysis of trace metals covers a wide array of elements, and Hepure places emphasis on a few key metals: arsenic, chromium, mercury, and lead. These are of particular concern in the remediation of contaminated sites as they are often part of the contaminant list, which is why we focus on ensuring that these metals are well below specifications.

Hepure’s chemical oxidation amendments are also all available as pre-mixed solutions. This greatly simplifies an important task required for on-site injection. Click here to learn more. >>