Product Details

Iron Pyrite, distributed by Hepure, is a pure, finely grained, mono-crystalline of iron pyrites (FeS2).   Like zero valent iron (ZVI), iron pyrite can degrade numerous chlorinated hydrocarbons completely into non-contaminated hydrocarbon or sulfur compounds via a reductive elimination process. The main reaction products are adsorbed on the hydrophobic surface of sulfide and not diffuse in the groundwater. The dichlorination rates per unit surface area by pyrite are fast enough for remediation of soil and groundwater.


Iron Pyrite is available in packaging from 50 lb. paper bags, 2,000 lb. supersacks or bulk truck. All packages are loaded on pallets and stretch wrapped to protect the product.


Stable under normal conditions, but incompatible with oxidizing agents. Hazardous decomposition products include iron oxides and sulfur oxides, such as sulfuric acid.