Pure-Ox is an in-situ chemical oxidation technology (ISCO) formulated to address NAPL, vadose zone and groundwater contamination. The clean formulation is free of metals and other minerals which would remain after treatment. The low cost of Pure-Ox makes multiple applications possible, when necessary.

Calcium Polysulfide (CaS5) Remotox

Hepure is a premier calcium polysulfide supplier.  Our remotox is used around the world routinely for remediation of excavation sites.

Remotox is a water-soluble compound that has been shown to be a cost effective for in-situ stabilization of metals.  The common name for Remotox is calcium polysulfide, (CaS5) with a molecular weight of 199.8 gram per mole.  Remotox has a pH of 11 to 11.5, a specific gravity of 1.27 and is deep orange-red color in solution. It is water soluble and comes as 29% (Wt. % CaS5) aqueous solution.