Product Details

Hepure provides a specially sized, high quality non-treated sodium bentonite for use in binding, sealing, absorbing and general applications.

Common remediation uses for bentonite:

  1. Waterproofing and Sealing: Sodium bentonite swells when it comes into contact with water, creating a dense and impermeable barrier. This property makes it ideal for sealing off landfill liners, ponds, and lagoons to prevent hazardous substances from leaching into the groundwater or surrounding soil.
  2. Soil Stabilization: It is used to stabilize and improve the physical properties of loose or porous soil. This can help prevent the spread of contaminants in areas where soil might otherwise allow pollutants to migrate more freely.
  3. Containment Barriers: Sodium bentonite is used to construct vertical barriers around contaminated sites. When mixed with soil or applied as a slurry, it creates a low-permeability barrier that can contain the spread of contamination to groundwater or adjacent areas.
  4. Remediation of Contaminated Water: Bentonite can be used to treat contaminated water by adsorbing and trapping harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other pollutants. This process can clean the water of contaminants before it’s safely released back into the environment.
  5. Landfill Capping: In capping landfills, a layer of sodium bentonite can be applied to trap and contain gas emissions and prevent rainwater infiltration, which could leach contaminants from the landfill into the environment.
  6. Oil Spill Cleanup: Its absorbent qualities make sodium bentonite useful for cleaning up oil spills. It can absorb oil from water, facilitating the removal of the oil without the use of harsh chemicals.
  7. Mining and Industrial Applications: In mining operations and industrial sites, sodium bentonite can be used to seal off mine tailings and industrial waste before they are buried or contained, reducing the risk of contamination.

Sodium bentonite’s natural swelling, sealing, and adsorption properties make it a versatile tool in environmental remediation efforts, helping to protect water sources, soil, and ecosystems from pollution and contamination.

Packaging:  Bentonite is available in packaging from 50 lb. bags to 2,950 lb. super sacks. The most common packaging is 50 lb paper bags. All packages are loaded on pallets and stretch wrapped to protect the product. For outside storage pallet covers can be provided on request.