Most Chosen for NAPL, Vadose Zone and Groundwater Chemical Oxidation

Pure-Ox is an in-situ chemical oxidation technology (ISCO) formulated to address NAPL, vadose zone and groundwater contamination.  The clean formulation is free of metals and other minerals which would remain after treatment.  The low cost of Pure-Ox makes multiple application possible, when necessary.

Pure-Ox is the most robust chemistry ISCO process with a high oxidation potential for contaminant destruction. Because it generates high levels of hydroxyl radical, superoxide radical, and hydroperoxide anion, Pure-Ox can destroy nearly all environmental contaminants of concern and provide enhanced treatment of adsorbed contaminants and nonaqueous phase liquids (NAPLs).  Applying as a dilute solution allows for the reactions to take place in the vadose zone.

2OH. + 2H+ + 2e–      2H2O Eo = 2.76v

H2O2 + 2H+ + 2e       2H2O Eo = 1.77v

HO2 + H2O + 2e       3OH Eo = 0.88v

Pure-Ox can be formulated to increase reactivity, lengthen activity and take advantage of natural occurring catalysts (iron, manganese, sulfur, …).  Simple laboratory testing can optimize Pure-Ox for each application also allow for field modification to enhance the ISCO outcome.


Pure-Ox is available in drums, totes, and tankers

Hepure is a key distributor of sodium and potassium permanganates to the environmental remediation
industry. In 2018 we supplied more than 200,000 pounds of sodium permanganate to dozens of
projects within the US and internationally.
Sodium permanganate is provided in 55 gallon drums and 265 gallon totes or tanker loads at full
strength (40%) or pre-diluted ready for use, by request.
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