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Sodium Permanganate Supplier

Hepure is a key distributor of sodium and potassium permanganates to the environmental remediation
industry. In 2018 we supplied more than 200,000 pounds of sodium permanganate to dozens of
projects within the US and internationally.
Sodium permanganate is provided in 55 gallon drums and 265 gallon totes or tanker loads at full
strength (40%) or pre-diluted ready for use, by request.
Hepure has distribution facilities nationwide to minimize trucking cost and lead time.

Product Details

Sodium permanganate (NaMnO4) is a liquid chemical oxidant that is used to treat chlorinated solvents that contaminate soil and groundwater. It is a powerful oxidant that remediates chlorinated ethene compounds quickly and effectively. Sodium permanganate has long been utilized both by waste water treatment plants as well as in the remediation marketplace.

As a sodium permanganate supplier, Hepure’s solution is 40% NaMnO4 by weight and can be supplied in 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. The solution can be easily diluted either on site or, for larger volumes, delivered via our site-ready solutions.

Sodium permanganate is a great water treatment oxidant option for sites where underground utilities and equipment cannot be affected by the injection solution. It is a pH neutral solution that does not release gas or create heat during reaction with contaminants. Further, it is easy to detect in monitoring wells due to the dark purple color it maintains until it reacts with contamination.

Product Specifications

AssaySpecific GravityForm
≥40% NaMn041.391 g/mLDark purple liquid

Why Choose Hepure’s Sodium Permanganate?

The results speak for themselves: independent laboratory tests consistently show that Hepure is the sodium permanganate distributor whose sodium permanganate is the purest product available on the market for groundwater and soil remediation.

Quality matters – and the quality of the amendments used in your site remediation efforts are of particular importance. What gets put in the ground can remain in the ground. That is why we regularly test all of our products to identify trace metals that could be harmful to your groundwater chemistry and why we offer only the purest chemical oxidants available for in situ remediation.

Analysis of trace metals covers a wide array of elements, and Hepure places emphasis on a few key metals: arsenic, chromium, mercury, and lead. These are of particular concern in the remediation of contaminated sites as they are often part of the contaminant list, which is why we focus on ensuring that these metals are well below specifications.

Hepure’s permanganates are also all available as a pre-mixed solution. This both eliminates on-site health and safety issues and greatly simplifies an important task required for on-site injection. Click here to learn more.

Hepure is the best choice for a sodum permanganate supplier.

Laboratory: Galbraith Laboratories, Inc.

Pros / Cons


  • Site-ready liquid product
  • Available in concentrations up to 40%
  • Avoid Homeland Security issues


  • Sodium issues in the environment (e.g. SAR concerns)
  • Greater health & safety concerns
  • Higher cost

Product Availability

Standard Packaging<3,000 gallons at 5% or less>3,000 gallons at 5% or less<3,000 gallons at 10% or greater>3,000 gallons at 10% or greater
55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totesTankers and/or 275 gallon Totes55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totesTankers and/or 275 gallon Totes

Trace Metals Analysis - Sodium Permanganate

 Test Results
Detection Limit
Testing Method
Silver (Ag)ND0.0719GLI Procedure ME-30
Arsenic (As)ND0.0394GLI Procedure ME-30
Beryllium (Be) ND0.0394GLI Procedure ME-30
Cadmium (Cd)ND0.0394GLI Procedure ME-30
Chromium (Cr)ND0.989GLI Procedure ME-70
Copper (Cu)ND0.0394GLI Procedure ME-30
Mercury (Hg)ND0.00891GLI Procedure E80-3
Nickel (Ni)ND0.0394GLI Procedure ME-30
Lead (Pb)ND0.0394GLI Procedure ME-30
Antimony (Sb)ND0.0360GLI Procedure ME-30
Selinium (Se)ND0.492GLI Procedure ME-30
Thalium (Ti)ND0.0719GLI Procedure ME-70
Zinc (Zn) ND0.0787GLI Procedure ME-30

ND – Not Detected; Above Detection Limit

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