Hepure Remediation Services

About Hepure Remediation Services

Hepure has been working with environmental consulting firms since 1994 to aid in the selection of remedial technologies, estimate quantities of remedial materials, and design optimal field application approach.  In continued support of our clients we now offer turn-key remediation design and implementation.  Each client may select the amount of support they wish to have to supplement their in-house capabilities.  We can provide as a group or individually:

  1. Selection of remediation chemistry to meet clean-up goals.
  2. Determination of the quantity of remediation chemistries to be applied, including dilution water to meet ROI goals.
  3. Design of application methods best suited for the site and goals; direct push, hydraulic high pressure injections, pneumatic high pressure injection, vertical and horizontal application and soil mixing.
  4. Select a teaming partner to perform field work under Hepure guidance.
  5. Provide remedial action implementation reports to document all design and field activities.

Why work with HRS

  1. Benefit from 100 years of personnel experience in design and implementation of in-situ and ex-situ remediation.
  2. Experience from over 1000 remedial designs to aid in selection of best alternative.
  3. Review of several alternatives to providing the optimal solution at best cost
  4. Knowledgeable, professional project manager throughout entire remediation process
  5. Years of field remediation implementation experience to optimize field time and provide in field problem solutions.
  6. Direct knowledge of local remediation contractor’s abilities, equipment and personnel.


Success is never guaranteed, however, by working with HRS the risk of not meeting remedial goals is greatly reduced.  There are three key reasons for this:

  1. Select the best given site goals and conditions.
  2. Designs to optimize remediation chemistry.
  3. Experience in managing and implementing remediation technologies.
  4. Selection of a remedial program with lowest risk and highest likelihood of success.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started:

  1. Call to discuss your project and specific needs 866.727.4776 x704
  2. Email site assessment documents for review Contact Hepure Remediation Services