We are committed to helping you find the best possible solution for your needs whether it’s one of our products or not. Use our website to find out which product is right for your site.


A lot of products companies say they specialize in this. They say they have the best products or that they ensure your satisfaction with your product purchase. At Hepure, these are more than mere words—this is the culture that we have developed within our organization.

We know that the success of the soil and groundwater remediation projects on which you work are extremely important to your client. Their success is your success. And getting it right the first time means choosing the right remediation product with the correct approach for your soil and groundwater contaminants. Hepure can help you get there, even if it means our remediation product is not the one selected. Why? Because we are committed to your long-term success. We don’t strive to sell products alone: we work to develop successful client relationships.

This is what makes us Hepure.

Founded in 2004 by environmental engineers, Hepure Technologies has established a line of innovative environmental soil and groundwater remediation products, including our high-quality Ferox zero valent iron (ZVI) powders, sodium permanganatepotassium permanganate, and bioremediation solutions. Our remediation products were developed with the ingenuity derived from over 50 years of practical experience with complex remediation projects involving a variety of groundwater and soil contaminants and with a commitment to sustainable remediation. Our environmental product solutions continue to be refined and new solutions developed from practical results in the field.  You will find many of these solutions among on our additional remediation chemicals page.


Developing products that support environmental cleanup needs only scratches the surface of what we at Hepure believe is our commitment to both our clients and our community.

As a company, providing top of the line support to our clients is our focus and we are proud to offer comprehensive client support. In addition, we work hard to develop and provide leading-edge, sustainable remediation products so that our clients get the most effective solutions for their site remediation projects.