The particle size for Ferox- ZVI is in the table below:

The our 5 micron ZVI is analyzed by FSSS uses surface area measurements to determine the average particle size of the sample based on air permeability, material density (7.86 kg/dm3 in the case of iron), and resulting pressure changes in the packed sample container. Using this method, the average particle size of our EC electrolytic iron powder is 2.5 – 3.5 micron.  The Laser Particle Size Analyzer measures light diffraction from the particles and creates a bell curve showing the particle size distribution (PSD), providing results for the 10th (d10), 50th (d50), and 90th (d90) percentiles. Using this method, the typical PSD for the EC electrolytic iron powder shows 10% (d10) of the powder to be 3 micron or less, 50% (d50) of the powder to be 8 micron or less, and 90% (d90) of the powder to be 22 micron or less. Thus, it has an average size of 5 microns.